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Matters needing attention in routine maintenance of spiral welded pipe machine

1. Formulate safety operation rules, the unit operation process must not touch the mold, if the work needs to be touched, hand should be placed in the
Matters needing attention in routine maintenance of spiral welded pipe machine
1. Formulate safety operation rules, the unit operation process must not touch the mold, if the work needs to be touched, hand should be placed in the direction of the pipe. The operator should be in a fixed position and must not change at will.

2, before driving, check whether the lubrication points are filled with corresponding lubricating oil. Special attention should be paid to the flying saw spindle to be filled with relatively high-temperature high-speed grease, once every two days, each time two or three times can be added, not more, more heat dissipation is not good, will cause excessive heating or even bearing lock.

3. The temperature of welding extrusion of spiral welded pipe mill is too high. It is suggested to use synthetic aluminum-based grease (SY1414-80) code name: ZFU-1H, which can withstand high temperature and can be used under humidity condition. The big hexagonal nut and the pull-up plate should be adjusted at the same time to avoid the extrusion roll shaft not perpendicular to the worktable plane, resulting in the damage of the extrusion roll shaft thread. At the same time, pay attention to check the extrusion roller bearings, where the working environment is bad, bearing easy to damage, found abnormal bearings should be replaced in time to avoid greater damage.

4. The gearbox is lubricated by gear oil with good fluidity, and 230# gear oil is generally used (because of the difference between North and south only for reference). Pay attention to check the bearings of the gearbox frequently, pay attention to check the working conditions of the gearbox at work, hear the abnormal sound should be timely inspected the gearbox bearings, bearings should be vulnerable parts, once damaged can not be timely overhaul easily cause damage to gears, the loss will be greater.

5. Notice of flying saw: Attention should be paid to adjust the one-way valve of flying saw (the one-way valve of this machine is outlet throttle) so that the production speed of flying saw trolley and steel pipe is basically the same or a little slower than that of steel pipe, so that the speed of flying saw trolley and steel pipe can be synchronized and the saw blade can be avoided from being damaged. Check whether the bolts of the driving parts of the flying saw are loose and the parts are damaged before starting the machine, and deal with them in time to avoid accidents. Do not stop people before and after flying saws, so as not to cause injuries.

6. Dismantle and clean regularly according to the working conditions, clean the stolen goods in the chamber of the vertical roller device and the weld extrusion device, and apply proper amount of grease to prevent rust and lubricate. Horizontal roller rack should also be regularly scrubbed according to the situation to remove dirty, and in the rack on the inside guide and screw butter lubrication.

7. The rolling roll should be monitored before and after the horizontal roll nut tightening during operation, nut loosening should be found immediately stop, troubleshooting.

8. When the electrode reverses, the steel strip retrogression distance generally does not exceed 300mm.

9. The upper and lower adjustment nuts of the same set of horizontal rollers should be adjusted at the same time, so that the horizontal rollers are always in the horizontal state, so as to avoid jamming and forced adjustment. When square tube is produced by circular variable square process, the height under the slider of the lower shaft and the vertical roller of the sizing horizontal roll should be padded according to the roll deformation, and the circular variable square can be made smoother and the resistance can be reduced by adopting the method of unchanged center. If not cushioned, all the deformation will appear in the top, the pipe down, thus increasing resistance, waste of electricity, increase equipment loss.

10. The upper and lower rolls of the horizontal roll rack with openings should be allowed to have thick strips and gaps between them. Otherwise, it is easy to cause rolling phenomenon and damage the machine parts.

11. When adjusting the dimension and shape of the finished pipe, it is forbidden to adjust too much. After adjusting one roll stand, the adjacent roll stand should be adjusted accordingly, so as to achieve the basic uniform load of each roll.

12. Roller installation, the hole and shaft should be coated with appropriate amount of oil, bearing should be coated with enough butter to facilitate loading and unloading. The coolant should be directed at the roll face and should not be directed against bearings or other parts.

13, the spiral welded pipe unit equipment should be regularly overhauled, regularly cleaned, maintained and maintained.
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