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Introduction and characteristics of horizontal spiral looper

Horizontal spiral looper is an indispensable equipment to ensure automatic production of high-frequency Longitudinal Welded pipe. It plays an importan
Introduction and characteristics of horizontal spiral looper
Horizontal spiral looper is an indispensable equipment to ensure automatic production of high-frequency Longitudinal Welded pipe. It plays an important role in material storage, feeding and continuous operation of main rolling mill. During the production process, the strip enters the looper intermittently, and then continuously supplies the main mill from the looper. When the coil is changed, uncoiled, sheared and butt-welded, the feeding to the looper is stopped. At this time, the number of strip rings in the looper against the outer cage and the inner cage is gradually reduced to ensure the continuity of feeding. When the joint butt welding is completed, the looper is filled at 1-3 times the pipe speed, and the material reserves in the looper become full from less. At this time, the speed of filling is equal to the speed of welded pipe. This is the synchronization stage. According to this cycle, the continuous feeding to the main mill is ensured.

Horizontal spiral looper technical parameters

Main technical parameters of horizontal spiral looper for production line of 45/50 welded pipe mill

I. main technical parameters

1. main functional parameters

1. Outer diameter of material ring: Phi 3500 mm

2. Inner diameter of material ring: Phi 1500 mm

3. Filling speed: Max 200m/min

4. Storage area 1.5m2

5. The width of the strip is 40-170 mm

Thickness of strip steel: 0.35-2.5 mm

2. main dynamic parameters

1. Pinch motor: slip motor AC7.5KW

Bunker motor: slip motor AC15KW

3. Air pressure 0.5-0.7MPa

4. device structure

Horizontal spiral looper is composed of feeding horizontal guide device, clamping and feeding device, storage bin, central discharger, vertical roller guide device, discharging horizontal guide device, air system.

5. features of equipment

(1) the working principle is ingenious, the structure design is novel, the technology is advanced, the installation is convenient, and the operation is simple.

There is no repeated folding and local plastic deformation in the looper, so the quality of welded pipe is improved and the straightness of welded pipe is improved.

(3) Smooth discharging, low discharging resistance, no tensile plastic deformation of the strip, energy consumption of the mill, roller consumption and bearing wear were significantly reduced, and roller life was significantly increased.

4. The failure rate of the looper is low, the storage capacity is large, and the operation rate and production efficiency are obviously improved.

5. The steel strip is not damaged by sliding, and the talent rate can reach 100%.

Changing the width and thickness of the steel strip, the looper needs no complicated adjustment.

The looper can be applied to different site conditions by changing the feeding direction.

6. the horizontal spiral looper is the movable coil type rotary looper.

Action analysis and design principle of cold bending forming unit

After pressing the operation command, the main motor of the cold bending forming unit first drives the cold bending roll to rotate at a certain speed, which is mainly determined by the forming process of the cold bending component of the shelf, the speed ratio of the mechanism, the structure size of the cold bending roll, the shearing force of the hydraulic shear and the set running speed of the unit. When the cold bending component of the model shelf passes through the transmission track to detect the position of the photoelectric switch through the hole position, the on-off signal is transmitted to the hole number counter for counting. When the hole number reaches the set value, the position detection signal is sent out. The rotary encoder detects the position of a certain distance and provides a certain number of pulses to the PLC. The PLC detects the signal. After setting the number of pulses, the main motor is issued with the order of deceleration and stop. At the same time, the order of cut-off control is issued to the hydraulic sequential control valve to drive the hydraulic shear to cut-off operation after the main motor stops. For example, the precision of the cold bending unit designed according to the above principle can be as follows: the hole position error does not exceed (+) 0.3 mm, the accumulative error of the hole position does not exceed (+) 0.5 mm, and the control precision of the single product length is generally controlled at about 0.5 mm, which to a certain extent meets the assembly design precision of the steel structure of the shelf.

Through the dynamic performance analysis and on-line debugging analysis of the cold bending production line of the shelf, the maximum value of the electric positioning error which can be basically realized is only one jump of the encoder pulse signal. Through the operation inspection, function analysis and precision statistical analysis of the cold bending production line of the shelf, it can basically meet the production and control of the shelf products. The manufacturing precision can also meet the production and product development of similar cold bending products, and greatly meet the production technology of enterprise products.
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